How to Get Your Music on Spotify

What do you do when you’ve got nothing else to do and have some time to spend on leisure? Yeah, me too! We open Spotify and hear to all the different and amazing music featured on it. Spotify helps us Discover new artists and favorite new songs to listen to. Spotify also allows new upcoming musicians to upload their music on Spotify and get nominated for addition to Spotify playlists. This helps them get new fans and that too many thousands of them. But the question is how do we get our music on Spotify and get it added to the playlists.

The best advisable practice is to upload the music for the archivists and the curators. Another crucial piece of advice is to upload the music that will impact the curators to create new playlists and add them to already existing ones.

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One may ask that is why is there a need to specifically get my music placed in one of the Spotify playlists and not upload it as a single. The answer to this question is very simple. Getting your music added to a Spotify gives a huge boost to your music and gives it a game that it may never get as a single upload. Since it is very important to get featured into a playlist, hence we have here made it very easy for you to do so!


Direct pitching to Spotify at Spotify for artists.

This is the most important step. If you’re an artist trying to get featured on Spotify you MUST be using Spotify for Artists.

If you are not on the Spotify for Artists platform, go join it now Link your Spotify artist profile to it.

This platform for artists has huge many tools to help you adapt to Spotify and approach the attention of curators.

What’s the next step?

Direct playlist pitching is the most important step. You need to go to the music tab of your Spotify for Artists dashboard and choose the ‘Upcoming’ option.

There are some important things that you need to know to avoid any time-waste or further research.

Only unreleased music is allowed to be pitched. If you have uploaded your music on Spotify and Spotify accepted it, this will be available in Spotify for ‘Upcoming’ releases. Don’t worry if you can’t see it right then, this may take a few days.

Pitch earlier and upload it like 7 days before the release. Since it takes a few days for the release so now you’ll have more time to work on the release. It is advisable to submit and upload on playlists many weeks before the actual release. The earlier you pitch the earlier you’ll have an audience!

Releasing an album! Spotify allows you to submit a single track per release hence you can gather a huge audience with an even bigger impact with your best track and upload the rest with time.

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How to pitch music to independent curators?

Some independent curators help you pitch your music to the independently curated playlists. Such playlists are not built by Spotify and hence are independent.

It is also suggested because several independent Spotify playlists are extremely popular on Spotify and such curators work by promoting your work through social media platforms like website blogs and articles to people who are not even Spotify users to get them engaged in your music and using Spotify to listen to it. Wouldn’t it be great to know that someone read an article about your music and joined Spotify just to listen to it!

Find suitable playlists for yourself!

Suitable playlists for your type of music should be found when trying to upload your music to independent curators because this makes a huge impact on them and adds value to your image while you pitch your music. This helps the curator to know that the person who placed his music accordingly into the playlist on Spotify knows about music and hence you have a greater chance of being popular. Pitching and uploading on Spotify is all about having a greater image and getting noticed by the curators and the audience furthermore.

The submission process to independent curators is quite simple and needs some attention. You can Google and find websites and blogs that do independent promotion and find it according to the suitable playlists that you have chosen to upload your music. You will need to email them with the request and a small form submission in son cases.

Keep a list of the contacts and playlists organized for your music and document everything necessary to get your music pitched by independent curators. This is necessary because everything is about professionalism. This saves your image as well as time.

Such independent curators provide a complete description of the music and you who created it as well as providing links to your music.

Important things to know before you upload your music!

Uploading music on Spotify does not cost you anything hence you are free to upload as many songs as you want.

The release of new songs on Spotify has a yearly as well as per release fee that is very reasonable. It is also very promoting to upload your music on Spotify because it offers a huge audience!

Spotify allows you to keep 100% revenues generated by your music but it is important that you promote it efficiently.

To get more audience and fans as your songs are played and listened to, Spotify allows you to add contributors to your music.

The name that you chose to represent your music with is very important. It must be free from plagiarism and should have a unique name.

Make attractive cover art to represent your music because this is what the audience will see when they listen to you. The vibe of the cover page must match with the music and you are good to go!