How to License Your Music on TV and Films

Are you a music/songwriter? Or maybe a composer? Do you do very well? Have you ever thought of getting your music licensed? Do you want it but don’t know where to look for it?

Well, here we are with all the necessary information for you to make your journey smooth. Let’s begin!

There is always a huge demand for musicians and bands that are currently striving to go big in the world. TV and films are always looking out for people who are good composers and music makers. Getting featured via music ok in a film, shows, or any video on social media platforms a huge audience and exposure. This also helps to generate decent revenue and a lot of money. Getting featured on such platforms is a type of license called sync license and all the information related to it will be available in this blog.

There may be many miss guiding myths that stop you from licensing your music. Don’t listen to them and focus on your music.

Find Music Supervisors!

The first step is finding music supervisors who guide you to proper licensing of your music and getting yourself featured full stop this allows you to have big screens and an even bigger audience.

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Having Awareness– Being aware of the type of music that is used in TV, Films, Shows, background game music, and effects helps you in creating the best type of music that is suitable for you as well as the industry you are trying to promote and license your music in. What you must do is to find shows that use music similar to the music you produce. The type of commercials for which you can create music and the games for which you can provide background effects should be a part of your research.

Organizing– The next step is to compile and organize the ideas about the type of music-making. After organizing, one can look for supervisors who are readily available on the internet. Finding their contact information and their emails is your next goal. If there are others in the music industry that you know of and have had the help of music supervisors you may also get a reference and be free of the research. The main purpose is to have someone guiding you in licensing your music.

Matching vibes– on a suggestive note one may tell you that production of music for a music industry for a show must be e done keeping the Vibe check ok with the brand of music that they have worked and produced in the past. The pitching lines for the music that you produce must be coherent with already produced music on the show or commercial you are looking out for.

Licensing your music!

Once you have been through all the research and the thorough consultation with the music supervisors, you can now get to the main and looked forward part of music licensing. The actual process of having your music licensed!

It is recommended that you start at a small not slow pace. Look out for smaller gigs and build a reputation. Improve, improvise and enhance. Look out for offers and make connections in the industry. It is not a game of lottery that allows you to score big in no time. It is more like walking the steps of a stair and there is always room for more. If you keep an outlook that allows buyers to see improvement and a professional attitude, you’re bound to get selected.

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Start with sync licensing deals. This will get you small gigs and placements. You’ll then have some connections. This helps you learn from the already thriving artists and you at the win by learning as well as working with them.

If you keep developing a good reputation, a company may consider you for many gigs and you can build your profile.

Smaller licensees lead to big screens. Once you’re ready for a blockbuster screen, create music and pitch it in with a heavy resume so that you have a chance of winning it at a glance.

The 10 best music movie /tv licensing companies are the following!

  • Soundstripe
  • Epidemic Sound
  • Artlist
  • Musicbed
  • Premiumbeat
  • HD
  • Marmoset
  • Pond5
  • Audiojungle
  • Music Vine

Make your platform!

If you think you can afford it and are well prepared for it, you can start by making videos and music for your channels on platforms like YouTube and Spotify. There are millions of people who are artists but they require good music composers to help them do big. You can negotiate the terms like getting credit for your music production and score a deal.

Furthermore, you can have certain on the ground projects and once they score big in the world, your name and music do too!

Music supervisors Look out for such talents if they come across them and they may personally contact you. You must have many such gigs and performances in your resume so that if a music supervisor reaches out to you himself, you have more than one music site to show and pitch in. If you manage to make it to them, you may have a bigger gig and that’s where a new journey starts.

Building a resume!

As important as it is to have a good resume before applying for a job anywhere, you must have a good resume before you get to licensing your music. To make this resume, you must have worked from scratch, from smaller gigs to bigger ones. Your resume must have samples and details of your music that you’ve already worked on. It MUST be original and authentic. The people and the industry that you are will pitch your music in must be interested in the type of your music production so that the chance of not getting in is reduced. This required proper research as mentioned above. Do your research before pitching and go through the resumes of others who are successful.  Make sure that you keep a similar vibe all through your music but if you’re talented enough to pull through different genres, there’s never a limit to it!