Rare Music of the 70s to be Reissued on ” Lost Soul Gems ” by SOUND GEM RECORDS

There was some incredible music available in the times when Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff orchestrated The Sound of Philadelphia. Some bands accompanied them like The Blue notes, Harold Melvin, MFSB, Billy Paul, and Philadelphia International Records. The Sound Gems Records Label was among those labels and the label has recently released a soothing and amusing collection Lost Soul Gems, Philly R&B, and soul.

During the era of the 70s Soul, Gems was a 45 RPM label. The label was very popular and had collaborated with different artists like William De Vaughn, Billy, Spice, and many others in ‘ Be Thankful for what you’ve Got ‘, ‘The Human Percolator ‘ respectively. The founder of Sound Gems was the talented songwriter and producer Frank Fioravanti. The producer had previously been working with De Vaughn’s ‘ Be Thankful ‘ with MFSB John Davis. The song by De Vaughn become extremely popular and it reached #1 on the Billboard R&B charts. The song also reached #4 on the Hot 100 charts in 1974. This song is still a legend and one of the best songs of all time to this day.

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There is no doubt in the fact that the Lost Soul Gems of the Sound Gems Record is a masterpiece indeed and a gem as the name suggests. The Northern Soul music collection has featured some of the amazing tracks of Lost Soul Gems. The songs have got upwards of almost $40 from the record collectors. Some of these songs include the

  • Feverish, proto-disco dancefloor jam.
  • Give Me Your Best Shot by Ebb Tide.
  • Sweet Norma Jones by Spice (With the amazing vocals of Bunny Davis)
  • You’re My Main Squeeze by Crystal Motion.
  • Breaking Up Again by The Charmetts
  • Tyrone Davis-esque, ‘ I’m A Stranger ‘ by Tommy McGee
  • Staying power and Love Ballad of the Year by William De Vaughn

The songs by De Vaughn are extremely smooth, sexy, and silky.

Being Rare!

Can you believe that there are almost 11 songs that Sound Gems Records has compiled and you have never heard about those songs not know anything about the Artists probably? The songs are from the 1970s composed in an album having a perfect disposition and perseverance. The date of the release of the disc is November 4.

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The previously unreleased tracks by the superb William De Vaugh and Forgotten hits by Ebb Tide are the most important treasures of all time. The aim of Charmettes and Tommy McGee was to come up with an album that would interest both the younger and older fans of Soul Gems.

The founder of the Sounds Gem Records stated that, ” Hit songs are hard to write, but when an intensely emotional story enters your mind with an extremely catchy hook that simply comes from heaven, you have a chance. It’s an era where singles rule. It takes a very special album to compete. Lost Soul gems is that Album “.