Strategic Ways to Make Radio Stations Play Your Music

Do you want the whole world to listen to your music?

There are so many social platforms available these days that enable you to promote your songs worldwide. One of them is Radio! Now you might be wondering about how to promote your songs on the radio in the first place?

I am going to tell you all about that.

To be able to get your songs on the radio is a luxury that not everyone can afford. Usually, the artist who are very popular and have signed major labels are able to avail this opportunity. During the past few year’s things have been changing and many young talents and artists have been discovered with the passage of time. Radio and FM have been playing a great role in the promotion of songs of these young artists and is enabling them to share their music to the whole world. Exposure of music on radio is very important, although many people do not realize that as it is a modern era. There is no doubt that we have so many social platforms like Instagram Facebook, YouTube, Titoki and all of these has been very beneficial for young artists to promote their music. The main factor that contributes to this is because the social platform is accessible to almost everyone around the globe.   The price is very reasonable and budget friendly. On the other hand, there are many complicated strategies that must be used in order to promote your song on the platforms and the competition is very high.  The process is pretty time consuming and according to recent statistics almost 20,000 new songs are being promoted on Spotify on daily basis and it becomes very difficult for a particular song to make an impact upon the audience. A great deal of money and time is required to do that.

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Another statistic shows that almost 62% of the new track discoveries are made through radio and FM and the rest of 20 % is discovered through streaming. Although some may think that the traditional media such as television or press might have lost their touch due to the new emerging technology but when it comes to the competition regarding the streaming platforms radio is still the main source of musical discovery. There are many people who are non-subscribers and do not have access to the streaming platform.  These people prefer to enjoy music on radios this playing a huge role in the promotion of a song. Modern apps like Shazam allow the listeners to listen to your song multiple times. An example is Spotify.

Now, you might be wondering that I have stated the importance of promoting your song on radio but how can you promote your song on radio and what is the proper procedure to do that?

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Musical project.

In order to seek the help of a professional to promote your music the first step that you have to take is build a proper resume and have something with you that will help you stand out among the group of talented people out there. You have to build a strong and singular visual identity that would portray your musical project. An attractive and brief biography and press kit regarding your project and your own personal background would be very helpful. It is important to have an active social network like Facebook, Instagram with a large group of followers as it will make you popular among young generation. The recording quality of your music should be very good the meta data of your tracks should be complete and all the titles should be mentioned.

The Perfect Single

Choosing the perfect single for your songs on radio promotion is very important and one of the most critical steps of the whole procedure. The song that you must submit should be of best quality and have catchy tunes. The song is undergone different steps of musical creation from having an attractive title to perfect composition and arrangement of tunes and melody. The voice recording and mixing of music should also be very elegant and great. It would be pretty challenging to select a particular single that should represent all your musical journey and the strong passion of music that you have within. You have to keep in mind that this song is going to be your ultimate hit.

Radio Formats

You have to be very careful about the length of your song and it should not exceed the format of radio. Your song should be between 2 minutes 30 seconds or 4 minutes.  If your song exceeds this limit, it would be difficult to promote your song with its original quality. Although you should be very creative and have the freedom regarding expressing your music but it is wise to respect the radio format.

The right Radio!

Different radio stations have different kind of audience and all these audience have their own particular music preference and they like a certain type of musical genre. It is important to choose the right radio station with the audience that would be interested in your particular song. It would not be beneficial for you to promote your jazz music on a radio station that have listeners that like to listen to classical music.

No Spamming!

Although social media is one of the best and most effective way to connect with the Radio stations but they are some particular ethics and procedures of conducting business and one must respect them. Do not send your links of your song our social media platforms as if that is considered as a spam. It is wiser to send a single song and not the whole mixtape otherwise the station would totally ignore you and your song.

What are you waiting for? All these wonderful tips will make your song popular on radio within moments!   Go and rock your music world!!