How to Promote My Music on Instagram

We have often heard the sentence “The world is a global village “. It states that everyone is connected with every other person around the globe through social networks. Social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter have been very popular among the young generation as well as the older ones, especially celebrities and media figures use it to connect to their fans. These days we can find everyone having an Instagram account and sharing their daily routine with people on social media. You must have an Instagram account that you use to follow your friends and your favorite celebrities! Instagram is a very popular platform enabling millions of users all around the world to connect and share their interests. Many people end up finding new friends on social media that end up for their whole life. Instagram is often used by many entrepreneurs and artists to promote their businesses and their organizations. Musicians also tend to use Instagram to promote their Music as there is a large group of audience that can hear that musician’s music as it is the best kind of advertisement music could have.

Steps you need to use to promote your music on Instagram!

To start promoting your music on Instagram the first step that you have to take is to convert your normal account to a business account that will enable you to use functions that would be somewhat similar to your account but it would also include some other features and buttons to help you to advertise your music. The conversion of your normal account to a business account is pretty easy and all you have to do is go to the settings menu and use the settings to switch to a business account. Connecting your Instagram business account to your Facebook page would enable you to attract even more audience and promote your music to a large group of people.

To attract more audience to your Instagram music account you have to use a catchy bio and Instagram profile.

This bio must not be very long but it should also explain the kind of music that you are producing and how it will interest the listeners. The language that should be used in the bio should be easy and people all around the globe should be able to understand it. The next step would be to use an effective and catchy Instagram profile that would persuade the viewers to click on your profile and listen to the music that you have presented on your account. It is a wise decision to choose a picture that would portray you or your band and also a logo of your band or your album. You must be aware of the small size of the picture and you should ensure that your profile picture would look good even in smaller size and would attract the audience.

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After setting up your account the next step is to select a particular goal that you want to achieve like you have to decide between having an increase in profile visits, getting more messages, and after deciding that you have to add buttons and links according to that. Instagram also enables you to choose the audience that you want to interact with.

Choosing the audience of your choice has to be a very critical point while promoting your music on Instagram and you have to take into account the kind of music that you are promoting while choosing your audience.

Instagram also has an automatic feature that would allow you to choose people based upon the same kind of interest or you can also choose your audience based upon age, gender, or a certain group of people.

Choosing your budget!

The next step is to choose the budget that you are willing to spend on Instagram and also select the time that you would be using to promote your music on Instagram. This feature is very helpful as it enables you to sum up the total cost that you would be using and it would also give you the estimation of the number of people that would be able to see your music promotion. You can also increase and decrease your budget and due time based upon the result of your promotion.

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You would also be curious about how your Instagram profile is working and what are the people saying when they visit your account. Instagram also provides you the service to review your ads. You would be allowed to preview your ad and pay for your ad. This enables you to display your ad on the feed and your stories and also enables you to explore the page. Exploring other pages allows you to get more unique ideas and comparing your strategies to other accounts that are doing similar work, enables you to improve your music promotion even more. Another critical factor that needs to be considered while promoting your music on Instagram is to ensure that the advertising policies that you are using to promote your music on Instagram must meet the advertising policy set forth by Facebook and you cannot proceed with your promotion until and unless Facebook approves it.

 Most of the ads on Instagram are reviewed in 60 minutes and you will also be notified about your activity on feeds after your post has been reviewed by the authorities. You will also be notified when the campaign will end and another very interesting and useful service that Instagram provides is that you would be able to view the statistics regarding how many times and who has viewed your content.

You would also be able to view the statistics regarding the location of places where people have mostly viewed your music.

You have to be very creative and crafty about the kind of content that you are trying to portray for your music promotion and it should have bright colors and catchy sentences that would grab the attention of the audience. The content should be in all forms like images, videos, and music clips.